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The Gunnison valley was chosen after a wide-ranging search of Colorado. I have spent time in all of the resorts that have magnificent views of the I-70 corridor, with the accompanying traffic and population density issues. The taller mountains, cleaner headwaters, less population density, and no development boom (Gunnison County is about 85% government land) led to southern Colorado. The four remaining requisites were, in order: Golf, Skiing, Transportation routes (airport, highways 135 and 50.), and a hospital. The Dos Rios golf course outside of Gunnison is open seven months of the year and is an absolute hidden Gem in the Rockies. The members havenít discovered its true value yet, so fees and memberships are more than reasonable. Part of the other five months of the year, the Crested Butte ski area is open for business. Finally, there is a great hospital facility and timely medical air transport for specialty needs. World-class orthopedic care is available as are specialists in many disciplines. More than anything else, 99.9% of the people are fun to be around. We welcome the .1% to the valley because they make us appreciate each other. The Almont, Colorado area was chosen because of its central location to the four main requisites.

Across the street from this property is a bus stop. There is cheap passage available to Gunnison (ten minutes south) and Crested Butte (18 minutes north.) Almont offers horseback riding (without the feeding and cleanup), hiking, fishing, nearby hunting, photography hunting, motorized and world-class pedal biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, nearby snowmobiling and ice fishing.

The actual property was not surrounded by dense forest or tree stands so is a low wild land fire potential. This property has been landscaped with operation defensible space fire considerations. The second consideration was hours of direct sunlight. Not being surrounded by trees or up against the side of a mountain, along with its center location, guarantees the maximum hours of direct sunlight. The S/SW orientation provides free heat gain with controls. The third consideration was river access which is met by one property line that runs down the middle of the Taylor River. Access for fishing, raft launching or takeout, can be accomplished from the private dock. The fourth consideration was because of the wildlife. Deer, elk in winter, bald eagles, bighorn sheep all year long, and my favorite (hummingbirds) are plentiful. The white beauty appeared summer before last.




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